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The future of agriculture is already here

With this technology, we could colonize the moon, but first we will improve the conditions of life on earth.
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What is Luna Scientific?

A startup focusing on the development of technology for the food production industry

We create comprehensive solutions that enable the production of plants and fish in advanced aquaponic systems, using proprietary IoT and AI infrastructure to optimize the production process.


90% less water consumption


20 times smaller surface area


Significant reduction in production costs

About us

It's all started with an academic society - today we solve global issues

Luna Scientific is a research and development start-up focused on providing technological solutions that will start a new era of agriculture. We started our first work as students, but thanks to the dynamic development driven by a team of young talents, the idea quickly turned into a startup with functioning prototypes of hydroponic and aquaponic systems.

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Luna Scientific's mission is to increase access to food in all areas of the world, especially where water and energy resources are limited.

Our solutions

Luna Scientific systems in a nutshell


Our hydroponic systems are fully automated, saving growers time and effort while ensuring plants receive optimal growing conditions, resulting in higher yields and better quality produce.

Space optimization

Our solutions are designed to maximize space utilization, making them ideal for highly efficient urban farmers or those with limited space.

Live monitoring

With real-time monitoring, growers receive alerts of any issues and can take quick action, adjusting environmental factors and nutrient levels for optimal plant growth.

Controlled environment

Precise control of temperature, humidity and lighting means that our hydroponic systems can consistently ensure that the growth of plants proceeds without any disturbance.

Easy maintainability

Our hydroponic systems are low-maintenance and easy to adjust, clean, and sterilize, reducing the risk of disease and pests.


Aquaponics is based on combining a fish production system with plant production without a solid substrate.

What is aquaponics?
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What is aquaponics?

Introducing aquaponics - an innovative way of breeding plants and fish in symbiosis.

In order to provide enough food for more and more people in the world, modern farms must consider switching to aquaponics, which is nothing more than an extremely efficient fusion of food production of both plant and animal origin. This system is similar to hydroponics, but the main role here is played by an additional element - a breeding tank with fish - from which water, together with natural fertilizer, is pumped to nourish the plants. Thanks to this solution, you can practically completely avoid the need to add nutrients to the water.

Why aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a farming method that could bring the cultivation of crops directly to store shelves. Sounds interesting?

This technology allows you to completely abandon the use of soil in agriculture. It works in such a way that plant roots are immersed in water enriched with minerals precisely selected for a specific species. This makes the plants develop twice as fast as in conventional cultivation. They are also noticeably bigger and healthier. Amazing, isn't it? The saving of space alone increases the yield of the crop to such an extent that some crops could be grown close to or directly at the point of sale.

The production of fish and plants in an aquaponic system is not only efficient, but also free from artificial fertilizers, which allows for the production of healthy food.

Why aquaponics?
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Cannabis Vera
Cannabis Vera


Get to know our interdisciplinary crew

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Management and organization of work on key tasks. Ensures contact with clients and contractors.

Brendon Zegarlicki

Chief Executive Officer

Creator and main project coordinator overseeing the team's technological work. Researches, analyzes, and evaluates information technology requirements, procedures, and issues, and develops and implements proposals, recommendations, and plans.

Łukasz Kucharski

Technical Director

Supporting the team at every stage of the project, managing human resources, streamlining processes, responsible for creating and fulfilling orders.

Agata Zawrotniak

Project Coordinator

In the project, I am responsible for creating, implementing, and maintaining web applications and websites, conducting quality tests, and verifying code.

Piotr Durniat

Web Developer

Network and backend software developer. Also responsible for creating and configuring DevOps and Internet Of Things systems.

Szymon Markiewicz

Backend Developer

I am working on project topics related to living organisms and designing biotechnological solutions in hydroponics and aquaponics.

Kaja Kowalczuk

Laboratory Manager

Responsible for comprehensive technical system projects related to water and mechatronic devices. Has several years of experience in the water industry.

Damian Bartuś

Mechatronics Engineer

Responsible for design issues in the project. Actively participates in internal activities of strategic importance.

Ewa Gojniczek

Mechatronics Engineer

Network and backend software programmer. He also performs research and advisory functions in the field of technological aspects of materials, products and processes related to telecommunications engineering.

Maciek Samol

Backend Developer

In the project, she is responsible for creating web applications and websites, conducting quality tests and code verification.

Maria Markowiak

Frontend Developer

Designer and welder, constructor and assembler of closed circuits using pipes.

Tomek Kozłowski

Design Engineer

Designer creating visualizations and modifications of websites and applications consisting of text, graphics, animations, images, sound and video materials, and other interactive multimedia.

Natalia Durniat

Graphic Designer

Application programmer who creates and maintains programming code specified in technical manuals and specifications for software and operating systems.

Wojciech Biskup

Backend Developer

A systems administrator designs, creates, controls, maintains and supports the optimal functioning and security of IT systems.

Tomasz Siwa

Backend Developer

Automation and robotics engineer, involved in designing automation control systems, also performing research functions in the field of technological aspects of materials, products and processes.

Krystian Szpakowski

Automation Engineer

Website designer, combining knowledge about design and technology to research, analyze, estimate, create, program and modify websites and applications.

Olimpia Lewińska

Frontend Developer

Manager for information and communication technology services. Plans, directs and coordinates the acquisition, development, maintenance and use of telecommunications systems.

Patrycja Jasińska

Product Manager


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